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拍品 947:


拍賣將在 ____ 小時後開始舉行

起拍價: HK$40,000

估價: HK$40,000 - HK$60,000

拍賣佣金: 21%

Suspending a jadeite pendant of intense dark green color and good translucency, carved in high relief as a cicada upon a leaf with seeds, and a spider on a web to the reverse, bearing the rebuses ‘amazing the world with a single brilliant feat’ and ‘contentment brings perpetual happiness’, to the multi-colored jadeite bead neck chain, jadeite measuring approximately 56.70 x 45.46 x 20.76 mm, pendant and necklace length 7.00 cm and

60.00 cm respectively

Accompanied by a gemological report from the Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory, stating that the pendant is natural jadeite and no resin is detected, report no. SJ 79338, dated 26th September 2013